Set Building

It can’t be all code and technology all of the time!

I have two daughters who are very involved in their respective school’s musicals and plays. This gives me the opportunity to have another creative outlet…building sets! I have always loved building things…especially with my own hands. Volunteering at their school affords me a creative outlet, allows me to participate in a shared experience with them, and fulfills my urge to keep building! Seriously though….I really love building sets…and who doesn’t like a good musical?

What I didn’t know at first is that building sets is unlike building or renovating a home. Structurally speaking, we overbuild to accommodate 45 kids jumping up and down on a table (What? You don’t allow your kids to jump up and do a dance on your dining room table?), but we also try to make them as light as possible. These set pieces have to be moved at least 6 times per show x a week of shows! Aesthetically speaking, it is fun to play games with the audience’s eyes. From 40 feet back, who will know that the shower rod is actually made of PVC pipe?

I love nothing more than creating a piece of art in the form of a set, but the true joy to me is seeing these amazing students grow as humans, share their love and support for each other, and putting on a damn good show! If these sets made that happen in some small way, then the hours are well worth it.

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